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Karen K: "Fidera" by Koenart

Lija: "Rivesti" by Arkisi

Winnie: "Imoki" by Catherine

Malinda A: "Nertie" by Leonardo

Ulia: "Lekaten" by Antonio Clemens

Vivian: "Sinbara" by Matiss

Sapphira A: "Epirio" by Luca Helios

Leona Honey: "Paradi" by Albert Varin

Janah: "Disane" by Fabrice

Kimberly Kace: "Madulty" by Albert Varin

Yarina A: "Qathyle" by Arkisi

Nika O: "Severa" by Koenart

Alecto: "Maltey" by Alex Lynn

Izabel A: "Pradio" by Matiss

Saju A: "Tiolla" by Artofdan

Judy Black: "Beeca" by Alex Lynn

Sarika A: "Bousto" by Arkisi

Alexa Day: "Hinara" by Flora

Amelie B: "Kelyra" by Leonardo

Isabella D: "Vernea" by Alejandro

Lenore: "Norrea" by Catherine

Violla A: "Bryze" by Matiss

Camomile: "Branie" by Paromov

Nikia A: "Tostie" by Rylsky

Kenya: "Yafera" by Arkisi

Berenice: "Drosise" by Luca Helios

Lola Marron: "Mareta" by Matiss

Susie: "Tendri" by Leonardo

Dita V: "Gnime" by Arkisi

Kaleesy: "Rialem" by Fabrice

Apolonia: "Desmia" by Luca Helios

Nicole La Cray: "Presenting Nicole La Cray" by Albert Varin

Ryana: "Enotia" by Alex Lynn

Leanisa: "Flaure" by Catherine

Sade Mare: "Tremas" by Karl Sirmi